Thank you for visiting our website. People have been worshipping in the church in Streetly since 1910. Now, as then, we are linked by a common desire to know and serve Jesus Christ. If you want to know more about us you are warmly encouraged to come to our Sunday Services at 10:30 am. We welcome people who are seeking God as well as those who wish to grow in their faith.


Letter from the Manse

Place of Welcome

This is now held in the woodland with coffee served form the church porch.

Sunday Services

Church Zoom details for 10:30 sunday services: CLICK HERE (no password required).

If you prefer to type the details are Meeting ID: 961 2203 4113 and Password: 123456

Do please share the links with friends and family.

If you cannot access Zoom, or feel the need for the physical support and presence of being in the church, then of course you are welcome in the building as the doors will be open. All covid-secure measures will be taken as before.

It is important that you wrap up warm as the building will be well ventilated.

After the service, those in the church building will be making a swift and orderly exit. Coffee is now being served from the porch and may be consumed outside. Those on Zoom are invited to chat and share news as they wish!

If you do wish to attend, please note the following points:

  • Masks must be worn inside the building.
  • The worship area has been marked out showing designated seating.
  • A one way system is also clearly marked.
  • No singing is allowed.
  • Tea & coffee after the service will be served outside.
  • Details of attendees will be recorded for Track & Trace.

Here's a link to a video of the worship area and one way system.

Leaflet summarizing Precautions

PDF Version

Right click to download

Online Version

Circuit Bulletin

Circuit Bulletin

The Sutton Park Circuit Bulletin is updated weekly.