Eco Church

We are an Eco Church. This means we try to put care for the environment at the heart of everything we do. Our buildings are heated by a biomass boiler that uses wood pellets. We are in the process of increasing the insulation in our main hall. We try to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible.

 Brownies in Ecogarden

We also have an Eco Garden which is lovingly cared for by a group of adults and children in the church and also the Brownies. Most of our Brownies have earned their Environmental badge.

Our woodland area was cleared of laurel and rhododendron in 2016, revealing the full splendour of our beech trees. We encourage use of the woodland by our uniformed organizations and others.

woodland Clearing Team

We have earned a number of awards. Our bronze Eco Church award was presented to us at our first Eco weekend in November 2016. It was presented by Dr Ruth Valerio, theological director of Eco Church, who was one of a number of speakers at the weekend.

Last year we also entered our Eco garden into the 'It's your Neighbourhood Scheme' which is part of Royal Horticultural Society's 'Britain in Bloom' scheme. We were pleased to gain a 'thriving' award and are aiming to take this even further this year.

It's your Neighbourhood Scheme

We have become a charter branch of the Tree Charter charity. This is aimed at launching a Tree Charter in November 2017 that will celebrate the link between trees and woodlands and people. In 1217, a Woodland Charter was issued to ensure common people's access to Royal Forests. Now we need to remind governments, businesses and individuals of the importance of trees and make sure we look after them.

We like to encourage other people in the community to think green too. Following last year's successful weekend, we are holding an Eco Festival on the weekend of Sept 22nd-24th 2017. Look forward to woodland activities and fun and a photographic competition about trees. We want to get as many signatures as possible in support of the Tree Charter. Our memorial garden is open to anyone to sit and reflect and from there you can open the gate to look into our Eco garden.

If you have pets you may like to bring them along to our 'Dads and pets' open air service on Father's Day.