From the Manse April 2017

From the Manse

Letter from Superintendent Minister

Dear Friends,

Although it may be a little early, may I wish you a happy and blessed Easter? The churches in Streetly will be celebrating the Easter season with a number of different services.

The Gospel writers Matthew, Mark and Luke all begin their accounts of the first Easter with the angel confronting Mary Magdalene at the empty tomb with the words “He is not here!” It is interesting that the angel never said where Jesus was and Mary left puzzled and perplexed.

Today many people seem to regret that churches are no longer left open. Sadly the problems of vandalism and theft have made this impractical, even churches that try to open can often find their insurance policy invalid.

So many churches can look forbidding when the doors are closed. I read of a person who on visiting a church found the doors firmly locked. However, there was a large friendly looking notice pinned to the doors that said ‘I am out there’.

Mary Magdalene quickly realised that Jesus was no longer tied to one place. There was to be no visiting the shrine week in, week out but Jesus was to be found in places of need and want.

If we want to find Jesus today, we do so by being involved in the world outside the church. It is being His witnesses in the community that we not only serve Jesus but also find Him.

Go, tell the followers of your Lord
Their Jesus is to life restored,
He lives to quicken humankind,
He lives that all his life may find.
Charles Wesley (Singing the Faith 294)

Grace and Peace to you

Rev Alan Smithson (Superintendent Minister)