Project News

The Church Project began in the Autumn of 2014 when we realized we needed a new heating system for our church. Having done the sums we realized that a biomass boiler was not only cost-effective but suited our concern for the environment. The boiler is fuelled by wood pellets. We started to think about shaping the future life of the church in the light of this new vision statement:

Faithful friends to the Community- Caring for God's creation.

Installing the heating system made some redecoration necessary and the boiler was installed in the old choir vestry which meant we lost some storage space. This made us think afresh about our available space. We had a large 2-storey storage cupboard built in our main hall (Guildhall). It includes a second small kitchen which makes it easier to serve refreshments in the room. The small hall (Parlour) was redecorated and has become a much more attractive meeting place. We have become a Place of Welcome and now on Saturday mornings church members and visitors drop by for coffee and chat.

Between the church and its attached cottage we found an ideal sunny spot to start our Eco Garden and you will often see children and adults working in it. Whenever possible the children go out to the garden during Sunday services and their bible teaching is based around love of God's creation.

The funding of this phase of the project was achieved by a combination of gifts and loans, mainly from church members. The loans will be repaid over 10 years from the government's return on the energy generated by the biomass boiler.

The current phase of the project is to insulate and double glaze the Guildhall. This will improve energy efficiency and also reduce the echoey acoustic which has always been a problem for large gatherings and musical events. We are currently seeking external funding to help with the costs, alongside various continued fundraising events within the church.